Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I headed off to Montreal this past weekend to sell my stuff at Expozine. I crammed into a car with fellow comic folks Jordyn Bochon and Mike Holmes, and hocked my wares for two days in a super-crowded church basement. The first day was pretty slow for me, as I got there too late to get a prime spot and was jammed elbow-to-elbow between other guests with about a three-foot-by-three-foot space for my stuff. This did, however, give me plenty of time to work out the cover layouts for the remaining three issues of SLAM-A-RAMA, so that's cool. Day Two, however, was a big improvement, since Jordyn and I got there early enough to switch to a bigger, shared table, and I sold lots more books (to complete strangers, which is a plus). Also, I realized I really need to make business cards up one of these days. All in all, I figure I about broke even, which is certainly better than losing money, right?

I really should have taken pictures at the event, but I never got around to it. The only pictures I did take in Montreal that really turned out were this shot of a mannequin that, if you asked somebody to draw you a "French-looking mannequin", would be unable to draw anything other than a mannequin that looked exactly like this:

The other photo I took was actually on the way out of Montreal, and it advertised some sort of cotton candy that I believe is supposed to be made out of cat vomit:

Can you believe Mike actually bought some? And offered me some, no less? Anyways, good times. In related news, SLAM-A-RAMA is two pages away from being finished (I probably would have been done by now, except that I, you know, was out of town selling the first two), so keep your eyes peeled here for updates (most of the issue is online here).

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