Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Proofs Are Approved! Slam-A-Rama is GO!

These are the colour proofs of SLAM-A-RAMA #1 and 2, which I got to check out at Etc. Press on Quinpool this afternoon. Man, these folks really knocked it out of the park! The reproduction job they did is superb--everything looks exactly like it did on my computer screen. And man, are they shiny and glossy! I can't wait until I get the call that these--and SCENESTER, which is still being assembled up there--are ready and waiting for me to pick them up. Very exciting times. The HPX 'Zine Fair is coming up quick, one week from this coming Saturday, and they've assured me that everything will be ready. Oh man!

In other news, my friend and co-worker Nathan Boone sent me a wicked cool piece of fan art he whipped up this weekend, featuring none other than Jack Jordan, the U.S. Male himself. Check it out:

Thanks, Nathan! More updates as I get 'em! Hopefully, the next one will be me saying that everything's printed up and ready to go...

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